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Plan your Wedding...
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Wedding Coordinator

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Your event is planned and under control, but now you want to hand off the plans to someone who will make it happen. The vendors are reserved and your timeline is in place; you need someone to take a look at all of the details to make sure everything is scheduled and will flow smoothly and seamlessly. We will set aside time to meet and plan as the day approaches to ensure everything is on track for your successful event.

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Partial Planning


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Our Partial Planning is perfect for the couples who have already picked a theme, selected their venue and booked some of their main vendors. We help by sewing it all together: developing and managing your timeline, fine-tuning the details and giving you peace of mind on the day of your event.

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The Full-Service wedding planning is intended for the couple who needs a full-time professional focused on every part of their wedding day or weekend. Whether or not you have a venue or vendors in mind, let us help you book every professional you need for your event and help you make your dream from start to finish. 

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