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Awesome azalea! This beautiful potted plant displays the delicate flowers that have made azaleas the perennially popular pink houseplants they are today. Safe for kids, cats and dogs, this plant can be placed in any spot that needs a little perking up.

Delivery Included in the prices. Chicago Only! 


  • A fresh, healthy azalea plant is presented in a pretty,  ceramic planter.
  • Orientation: All-Around

Azalea Plant

SKU: 001
1 Quart
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$45.00every month for 3 months
  • Plants are living things, so we cannot 100% guarantee any plant will thrive in your space.

    We work hard to choose the healthiest plants and give you everything you need to succeed — including detailed care instructions.

    But once the plant is delivered to you, we cannot be responsible for its behavior. If you see any signs of distress, please contact us right away, so we can help you.

    Above all, make sure you’re ready for plant parenthood. Your plant relies on you to give it healthy living conditions. We’re here to help — and provide answers to your questions — but, at the end of the day, you’re the plant’s guardian. And your plant can’t survive without your love and care.

    Things to know before you buy a plant(s):

    Plants are living and perishable, and just like any living things require proper environment and care.

    Our job is to choose the healthiest and best looking plant(s) for you. Once a plant is delivered to you it is beyond our control, and we can not be responsible for a plant behavior.

    We provide care instructions but these instructions are just a guidelines and watering frequency, care routine will vary depending on temperature, air circulation, light and humidity in a space.All plants go through acclimation period after being delivered and during major season changes. Some lower leaves might turn yellow or brown, plant might drop some leaves during these periods.

    Make sure your plant is not placed near Heat or AC source. It is best to keep consistent room temperature throughout the seasons and not turn off Heat or AC when away or traveling. The best temperature ratio for almost any plant is 60F-75F

  • For same-day flower deliveries, order by the listed times (in your recipient's time zone): Chicago, Evanston
    *Times are subject to change. Extended same-day delivery available in  Chicago and Evanston. Check calendar for availability.

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